Through my own transformation and supporting others in their journey, here is what I see emerging:


When you are connected fully with who you are, your life becomes simpler. You start to show up authentically. 


Your whole relationship to what you need out of life changes as the incredible feeling of enough flows into you.

You feel alive, open, and at ease. You have clarity and trust moving through the unknown and uncertainty. 


You lead from the heart. Create the future you want from the present. You say YES to Life and freely say NO to things that are not in alignment with you.


As you bring more essence of who you are, your inner brilliance shines. You start inspiring and liberating other people to show up fully as they are.


My mission is to create a world where everyone becomes the full expression of their highest nature, shows up fully as they are. 


The wonderful thing about being the fullest expression of your trues self is you don't have to think hard to become a leader and creating a meaningful impact. The clarity, the hows, and doings will naturally arise and flow as the expression of your being. 


If this is what your heart desire, allow me to support you. 

My Story

The journey of self discovery starts within.

The Blue Print of My Path

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. From the standard of a developed country, the place I grew up in would be considered a slum. An urban 'kampung,' people called it, a high-density area with irregular laneway patterns and narrow alleys. In my tween years, my favorite adventure was venturing out through the alleys I never explored before. I felt the thrill when I discovered new paths that connected back to my childhood home.

I didn't realize my fascination with discovering new paths, and connecting the dots between what I know, and the unknown became the blueprint of my mission in life.

The Call for Adventure

I had a dream to live abroad since I was 16. I stayed true to the vision and finally moved to Canada in my 20s, leaving my parents and siblings behind. Looking for a job and starting a new life in a new country alone was not easy. I experienced depression and loneliness like never before. My life was so uncertain. There was a time I had only $3.25 in my bank account and food left in my fridge. But I determined that I would never quit. I finally got a job and built my career in user experience design.

I shared my call to adventure and what I've learned from it in this podcast.

A Journey of Self Discovery – Body, Mind, Spirit

An autoimmune disease that started in my early 30's was a wake-up call. I didn't realize I suffered from high functioning anxiety. Beneath the seemingly perfect calm exterior, I was living in constant stress. For a long time, my body had given me the sign through a chronic tension in my neck, shoulders, and back, but I was too disconnected from my body to be aware of it.

That became the turning point in my life where I began a journey inward.

I discovered my childhood developmental trauma. With a growing deep self-awareness, empathy, and compassion, I faced my trauma and eliminated the root cause of my high functioning anxiety. Through the experience, I can relate to people in a constant battle with their inner critics, and I feel called to support others to create the inner peace and clarity they long for.

Looking for a creative outlet, I went back to my childhood passion for dance. Through training in East Classical Indian Dance, I started listening to my body. Building awareness through movements helped me realized the importance of mindfulness and somatic awareness for our mental health and wellbeing. As Brown Landone wrote, "Our body is beyond bones and flesh; it is the living spirit of our self-expression."

The determination to heal the autoimmune disease naturally led me to study many books on alternative medicines. I started a Yoga practice, took Ayurveda courses, and applying them along with traditional Chinese medicine principles to my diets and daily self-care routine. As a result, my immune system is back to normal, the chronic tension in my neck, shoulder, and back disappeared.

Inner work is the key to transform ourselves and our experience. From stress to balance, overthinking to clarity, resistance to ease, fear to freedom and chaos to peace.

Curiosity Leads to Purpose

After 20 years of career in User Experience (UX) design, my passion for understanding human needs and experience grew beyond the boundary of my job. I was fascinated with what created a transformative human experience. My exploration led me to a deeper understanding of how mind, body, emotions, and consciousness work – and how we can use them to create our best experience in life, individually and collectively.


I began bringing the understanding along with my personal practices and exploration out to the world by leading mindfulness programs, facilitating deep listening practice groups, one-on-one coaching, speaking and leading workshops, and co-creating with other like-minded people.

I am currently writing a book about the art of transcending fear and uncertainty. How to expand our capacity to connect and respond to our internal and external wold by understanding the nature of our survival mind; learning to identify it and start living from to the heart space.


Solution Focused Coaching

OISE, University of Toronto

Blue Core Coaching Training

IBM Blue Core Coaching Community

Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification Training

Dr. Matt James – Empowerment Inc.

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Andrea Peloso

Ayurveda Lifestyle Course

Matthew Remski – Renaissance Yoga and Ayurveda


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