Deep Listening Practice

6-Week Closed Group

Starting on April 21, 2022

The best gift we can give others and ourselves

is the opportunity to be seen.

When I see you not by what matters to me,

but what matters the most to you.

When I see you not according to my expectations,

but by who you truly are.

When I see you without judgment,

and openly accept what is alive in you.

What is Deep Listening Practice?

A relational mindfulness practice that provides a structure and environment for people to slow down the way they express themselves and listen to others. 

It provides a profound felt-sense experience on how slowing down thinking and talking yield much more benefits than speeding up. Practitioners will learn with ease how to cultivate deep listening, hold space for themselves and others in a way that most people have never knew and experienced before.

It is an antidote of what we encounter in day to day personal or business conversations. Shifting people from speaking 'about' to speaking 'from'. When we speak from the depth of our inner experience and who we are, we naturally become more open and connected – not just with others but also with ourselves.

Silence as a Key Element of the Deep Listening Practice

When we expand our awareness to include silence in our communication, we start listening in an entirely fresh new way. What comes from it, is a deeper level of spontaneity that includes compassion, relatedness, insights and wisdom expressed in an authentic voice. Often practitioners describe the deep connection that occurs during the practice as 'dropping from the head to the heart space.'

Who This is For?

  • You have a deep longing to listen better and to be heard.
  • You want to explore how it is like to accept other people's experience while honouring your own.
  • You want to get to know yourself better in a relationship with others.
  • You are looking for a dedicated space where you can connect with the same group of people and practice deep listening together.
  • You've attended Deep Listening Practice Circle before and want to deepen the practice.
  • You are looking for a space where you can come weekly to slow down, notice, feel others and your own aliveness.

6-Week Group Schedule

Thursday, April 21 to Jun 2, 2022

at 5pm PST/6pm CT/7pm EST

Participants are capped for 12 People. Each online practice is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

April 21, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

April 28, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

May 5, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

May 12, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

May 26, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

Jun 02, 5pm PST / 6pm CT / 7pm EST

*No practice on the week before Victory Day.

What People Say About The Practice

Deep listening group provides opportunity to experience and explore leading with your heart instead of your head. Provides experience building trust to feel/listen within. Experience communicating through movement and silence. This group has broaden my insight of moving from head to heart space. I feel more in tune with myself and more confidence to trust inner feelings.

Kathy G.

It allows me to learn to create a "safe space" "to listen from the heart". It touched my life by making me understand , in a concrete way, how to really hear and listen others, how it feels to be heard and listened to in this deep way . It is a practice I keep in my heart now, use in my life, and hope to take it further into action.

Martine I.

Christine, thank you for providing a safe, nurturing and sacred space for us to listen to our hearts and listen to each others. I feel deeply respected, heard, seen and understand by people in this group.


Touched my life in a profound way. Through deep listening I have felt

truly connected to another human being; a connection in which I have loved and been loved.

Corrine F.

Tuition $249

Price in CAD.

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