The Big ‘F’ word in the workplace is not ‘F*CK’

The big F word in the work place is FEELING

You and your team are humans with feelings.

Yet, feelings are the thing most ignored in a workplace.

When people can't speak freely about their feelings at work,

when leaders don’t know how to deal with their own feelings

and be with other people’s feelings, nothing will change.

Your strategies, route maps, approaches are useless,

unless we collectively learn how to be human with feelings.

Feelings are energy behind productivity, synergy and performance,

and most of all, human connections.

Without it people always going to be disconnected from work.

Without it we can’t access true human potentials.

Without it there is no true sense of belonging.

Behind a motivation is a feeling.

Why can’t we see that?

It’s time to learn how to listen with open heart.

It’s time to incorporate the language of the heart in the workplace.

– Christine Samuel

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