The Time to be Deeply and Powerfully Alive is Now

The best gift we can give others and ourselves is the opportunity to be seen.

When I see you not by what matters to me, but what matters the most to you. When I see you not according to my expectations, but by who you truly are. When I see you without judgment, and openly accept what is alive in you.

When I am having a conversation with you:

  • Am I so occupied in my mind that I only see what I want to see?
  • Can I genuinely feel what you feel?
  • Can I accept you in your reality and not trying to be right or to fix you?

When I am alone in my own world:

  • Can I free myself from my own expectation and see me as is, wholesome and human?
  • Can I honour myself as a human being with strength and weakness?
  • Can I let myself be seen and be me?

When I connect with my children:

  • Am I trusting them enough to let them make mistakes and yet support them unconditionally?
  • Am I fitting them in my expectations and seeing only what I want to see?
  • Am I raising them with fear or with love?
  • Am I making my opinion the most important thing?
  • Can I be quiet while holding them lovingly in my arms, knowing my presence means more than my words?

When we attach our seeing to the past memories or future expectations, we only see the gaps and end up connecting with no one.

Deeply seeing someone is an act of unconditional love and only can be done when we are fully present.

“I see you, beneath the surface.

I see your untamable wild. I see your billowing heart.

I see your unshed tears and your not yet dreams and your devotion to spirit.

I see you howl at the moon and call the ocean home and ground to earth and grow taller than the trees.

I see you.

You are not alone. You are not invisible.

You are seen. You are seen. You are seen.

And my god, you are beautiful.”

― Jeanette LeBlanc


  • What does being seen mean to you? How do you know when you are truly seen?
  • How does it feel physically, mentally and emotionally?
  • What does it take to really see someone?
  • Who can you give the gift of your presence this week?

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