Working Title: Moving from Head to Heart Space

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Life can't be understood, comprehended, and experienced by thinking alone. The cause of dissatisfaction and suffering lies in our way of thinking.

As Peter Hawkins wrote, "To make sense the world we apply the analytical scissors and create cuts in the seamless web of life, but we then forget that it is our own thinking that has created the cuts and the boundaries and we think the cuts and boundaries exist 'out-there in the world."


Covid-19 pandemic taught us; it is not enough to think our way through uncertainty. Seeing the world and ourselves through broken glasses of right or wrong, good or bad, put us in a state of constant lack and fear.

The heart space is a gentle holding space where all feelings, thoughts, and sensations are welcome. It is the space where we can have a loving relationship with our complexity and contradiction—no pushing or pulling, just is. Through deliberate gentle holding, a different kind of intelligence and clarity emerge. Through this experience, then we finally understand, from the core of our being – in the relationship with ourselves, others and the planet – that we are enough, whole, never alone and always interconnected.


We need to start seeing the world as a whole by understanding how our survival mind operates, identifying it, and building our capacity to live from the heart space. When the heart leads, the mind is at ease. Love, peace, joy, compassion, connection, and purpose can only be experienced through the heart, while the head only gets them conceptually. We only can access a deeper knowing when the heart, mind and body join in unity.


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