What It Takes to be The Greatest Version of Yourself

Recently, I stumbled upon Wes Angelozzi’s quote that speaks powerfully about love.

He wrote, “Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest version of themselves. When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.”

How true is that!

When I sense that I am loved exactly the way I am, I feel safe. When I feel safe, I don’t have to hide nor prove who I am or who I am not. I can just be me, the true me. To be the greatest version of yourself. You don’t need to climb the highest mountain or dive into the deepest ocean. You just need to be yourself in your deepest nature.

As this story about the body parts that I’ve never told anyone, but you now:

The hands were in search for their life purpose. One day I heard them talking, “I am not sure what I should do next. I don’t feel useful. Every day I am just hanging on the side following the body whenever she goes.”

“I want to be independent. I want to go where ever and whenever I like.”

“….If not, I want to be like the heart or the brain. They are essential and have such an important role. Every part of the body depends on them. Without them, we are dead!”

“I wish I could be like them. Look at me, just hanging on the sides…too boney on the finger parts and too fatty on the upper sides.”

Don’t we sometimes think the hands in this story? We look out, compare ourselves, and never take time to examine our true nature. The way the hands build is not like the heart or brain. Hands are

built for a purpose that only hands can do; to reach, to touch, to give, to receive and to make something from the outside closer to us.

If only the hands in my story were willing to get to know themselves deeply…

If only they knew they could become the best version of themselves, the most useful they can be, just by being in their true nature…

If only they love themselves exactly as they are…

Love Takes Time

It takes time to listen, see, and be seen.

Have you taken time loving yourself? Do you let yourself be really seen by you?

It’s easy to mix up seeing ourselves with seeing an idea about ourselves. When you learn to love yourself exactly the way you are, you feel safe. When you feel safe, the idea and labels you hold on about yourself start to melt away. What left there is your true essence, the best version of yourself. No other ingredients needed. It’s all there. You just need to uncover it.

Don’t you want to see it shines?

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