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How to Navigate Transition with Ease and Clarity

When life calls us for something bigger, something different, and you know it is time to take a new path, the biggest challenge that we have to deal with is the fear of uncertainty. Find out how to navigate transition with ease and clarity.



How to Navigate Transition with Ease and Clarity

(The Secrets that Nobody Tells You)

To take a path that is unknown, which is harder to comprehend by our mind, we need to expand our capacity and tap into different ways of knowing that can carry us through the liminal space.

Video 1: The Whole New Way of Navigating Uncertainty

Video 2: How to Become Conscious Creator and Create Future from the Present

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Change is Inevitable

You realize there is something more to life.

You have enough with the first half of your life doing what people tell you to do to be happy and successful. You find constant pushing and striving aren't aligned with you anymore.

You crave more meaning, purpose, and deep connection.

You want to live and serve in your own term. Your heart's desire is to connect and show up in the world with your most authentic self.

And your want to do it with ease, joy and clarity,

....despite fear of uncertainty, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and challenges that come your way.


I can help

I am Christine Samuel

Leadership Coach and Facilitator

We firmly believe that "as within, so without." This means that before someone can effect external change in their life, they must first do the necessary inner work. Through our individual and team coaching services, we strive to assist our clients in growing as humans so that they can see the impact of that growth in all aspects of their lives.


  • I facilitate intuitive learning through self-awareness and self-realization. As you gain understanding about yourself and how you operate, you will have more freedom to be and do what you want; the way you want it.

  • I help you build a stronger connection and coherence between your mind, heart, and gut while expanding a capacity to trust yourself more.

  • I help you shift your mind from problem-focused to solution-focused by tapping into your own insights, resilience, resourcefulness, imagination, and intuition

  • I help you build a purpose driven life, business, or career that is more fulfilling than ever before.




Take your life further by having a series of coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs. One-on-one coaching is the most effective way to overcome fear and barriers, get a fresh new way of seeing yourself as a powerful creator of your life, and bring your impact to the next level with ease, joy, and clarity.

4-Week Online PROGRAM


A four-week live online course for discovering your unique purpose, meaning and fulfillment through 4-step intuitive visualization process.

Start November 17, 2022



Helping teams and organizations increase collective vitality, resilience, and performance by equipping the leaders and team members with tools and skills to develop mental and emotional agility, expand a capacity to listen to one another through a relational mindfulness approach.


What People Said

"Christine has a toolbox of many techniques and actively tailors her approach to my specific needs that makes me feel heard and understood. Her wisdom has led me to re-discover my sense of peace, courage and confidence. With her guidance I feel empowered to make decisions that improve my life. "

Leanna L.

“Christine is an outstanding coach. We started our coaching relationship in 2020, when I identified one of my major goals as being to overcome imposter syndrome and amplify my skills. She provided me with a great deal of clarity and together we worked on action plans to amplify my strengths and be more visible”

Yemisi S.

"Christine was such a valuable resource for my personal development. In one short session, she guided me through my own barriers and helped me remember the sense of joy and purpose with which I had began my career. Thanks to Christine's insightful questions, I rekindled my own relationship with my work and felt motivated, heard, and ready to tackle the next challenge.”

Shivani J.

"Our coaching conversation has inspired me to have new ideas and start new projects which already helped others to improve their lives! Christine’s wisdom can easily light up candles in your mind and the whole looks just super easy afterwards.“

Balázs N.

“Christine helped me gain a much better understanding of inner peace and that we can’t control what others think of us.“

Marlene F.

“Christine really saw me - saw who I was as a person and it only took 2 minutes!“

Sharon C.



Speed Kills – Slow Down to Thrive

To fully function as humans, we need to slow down from the speed of technology to the speed of life. After all, we are an analog creature. To digest information and extract meaning from our experience, we need to get a little away from it.

Why Clarity Matters More Than Certainty

The COVID-19 pandemic helps me to see the distinction between Clarity and Certainty. Nowadays, most people aren’t sure if they will still have their job next month. If they are going to be healthy or sick, live or die tomorrow. The paradox becomes more apparent – the more we look for certainty, the more we realize how uncertain is the world we live in.

The Greatest Yearning of Every Human is to be Seen

The best gift we can give others and ourselves is the opportunity to be seen.

When I see you not by what matters to me, but what matters the most to you. When I see you not according to my expectations, but by who you truly are. When I see you without judgment, and openly accept what is alive in you.


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