10 weeks of LIVE online course to help you build a deep connection with yourself, have a better relationship with your emotions, develop intuition, be unapologetically authentic, and use the power of allowing to create in this world.

Most self development programs are designed to get you quickly into the future.

This program is designed to help you to truly live and loving the NOW.

Most programs focus on building what you are lacking.

This program focuses on what you have into more awareness and treasure it.

Most programs teach you how to go fast.

This program teaches you how to go slow and tap into the flow.

Covid-19 Pandemic brings massive change in the way we live, which gets people seeking to return to fundamental things. To be grounded within themselves while moving through change and uncertainty.

This program is for you if your desires are to:

  • Move from your head to your heart space and expand your capacity to face the unknown with trust and confidence. 
  • Shed the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from becoming your best and most authentic self.
  • Learn to trust your intuition.
  • Become your own best friend and greatest supporter while creating an impact in the world, in your own way.
  • Learn the secret to shift from survival mode to thriving with ease, despite fear of uncertainty.
  • Allow yourself to live from what makes you feel most alive and joyful. 
  • Get deeper into learning what it means to live in the present and use the power of allowing to create in this world. 
  • Learn the art of transmuting the unknown into possibilities while taking one step at a time.
  • Experience the sense of belonging and community of like-minded people.
  • Connect with others more deeply from your authentic self.

Who is the program perfect for:

  • You've been through what the world wanted you to be, and now you want to learn a new way of being.
  • Intellectually, you know about being present and letting things go, but now you want to be able to fully live it. 
  • You've been in doing, doing and doing. Now you know it doesn't work and it is exhausting. You want to learn how to be and connect with yourself and what matters in life.
  • You feel the calling to show up differently in this world, and you are looking for support and connect with other like-minded people. 

The most valuable knowledge you can get is knowledge about yourself. 

Your most significant contribution to the world is to be fully you. 

And the way to be all that you are, gain profound knowledge and connection is by living from the heart space.

What Alumni are Saying....

Keywords that came from participant's survey.

“I am more comfortable within myself and willing to take the courage to honour uncomfortable feelings and emotions as they are happening, to free them and learn. I feel more confident to find ways forward and not stay stuck in feelings of despair and hopelessness. I’m gaining understanding and awareness of the difference between choosing from my head or choosing from my heart. I am beginning a new year with confidence instead of fear. I am learning to be more comfortable with uncertainty."

Kathy Gambles

This program has helped me see how, when I get "out of my head" and come from a more "feeling" sense, my heart, I "feel" more grounded and centered. It has helped me understand how limited the possibilities & perspectives can be when we are just guided by our mind/our thoughts. Listening to my heart, "feeling" what is resonating inside me has helped create so much more openness and an expansive lens through which I can see and feel. "

Barb L.

I have much more clarity with decision-making now. I am no longer wobbling between my head and what I think other people want. I am living from my heart. Feels so much better."

Laurin Mooney

I have become more open and softer around some things that are important to me. I'm learning to "softly hold" strongly held opinions and beliefs without compulsion."

Anita Wiggins

It will provide you with an unfeigned environment in which through co-creational sensing & learning you will be able to hone your intuition, tap more of yourself and the program will help you to feel and inhabit your heartspace more, as well as enhancing your skills of living, speaking and being from the HEART.."

Sophie W.

The Course Overview

The heart space can't be fully understood through the intellectual mind only; it must be experienced in the body and relationship.


This training is designed for experiential learning. You'll learn through a combination of meditations, visualization, group reflection, deep listening practice, lecture, contemplative movement* and self-expression.

The course's objective is to support the individual/collective metamorphosis journey through the 10-weeks of being together.

Session 1: Connecting Fear to Love

The dualistic nature of our mind prevents us from giving enough space for our own contradictions. What if fear is just a different face of love? In this session, we'll meet fear from the heart space and see it for it truly is.

Session 2: The Invisible Body of the Heart

We'll learn the nature of the heart and how it closely mirrors our Mother Earth. During the session we practice what it feels like to give space to all that are arising.

Session 3: The Way of Knowing

How to sit with the unknown, encounter it without judgment and become to know without trying to control.

Session 4: The Path of Least Resistance

Discover the four quadrants of conscious orientation and how to tap into the path of least resistance to create your preferred future.

Session 5: The Practice of Being in the Body

A full session of contemplative movement* class. Exploring movements to find freedom.

Session 6: Radical Receptivity

How to open ourselves intentionally to receive and be changed by the challenges that enter our awareness.

Session 7: Trusting The Process

Discover how to stay connected with your experience, trust and allow it to reveal its magic and wisdom to you.

Session 8: Creating from the Sovereign Heart

The heart possesses a different quality of knowing and certainty which the mind can't ever attain. Discover how to tap into it to create what your soul desire.

Session 9: Being in Movement

A full session of contemplative movement; Get know yourself through movements and listen to the wisdom of your body.

Session 10: Heartfulness

Meet your future-self. In the final session we will create a mosaic of group reflections through a co-creation exercise.

*) Contemplative movement is a somatic processing that allows practitioners to discover insights that may not be available through thinking alone. The practice guides participants to access their body intelligence through feeling, sensing, connecting and being one with their movements.

How to Sign Up

If you think this program is for you. I invite you to schedule a 30-min call. Since this is a high-touch program, meaning it's highly tailored to the group needs, I want to understand your challenges, your best hope, and get to know you before entering the program. In turn, you get to know me and can ask for more details about the program during the call.

Partial Scholarship is available for people who need it.


You are tapping freely into your joy and a sense of wonder.

Your doing becomes a natural expression of your being. Your inspiration simply flows into actions.

You fully connect with who you are. Your whole relationship to what you need out of life changes as the incredible feeling of enough flows into you.

You are so in tune with your heart; your genius awakes.

You take each step wholeheartedly, knowing the ground is always there to hold your feet.

Your capacity to listen and sense expands. Your mind, body, and soul are in perfect alignment; the universe moves together with you in perfect harmony.

You heal and transform the world just by being fully you. Birthing future that its only desire is to move through you.

If these are your desires, join the Head to the Heart Mastery course.

Find Your Purpose

Connect with Your Joy

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